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bird coloring pages
Can you mention the names of animals in this animal coloring pages? If you're still having trouble mentioning its name, you can ask your mom or dad.

But apparently, we all already know the list of names of animal coloring pages, right? Is among the following animals in your house? If there is, name one by one. There is only little sparrow in my house, which greet the morning with a loud chirp.

What about butterflies? if you often see in the garden behind the house? or maybe ... you deliberately keep it? Hmm .. the butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects, they love to fly and landed on the flowers.

Oh yes .. the story so gotta go, now we downloaded this animal coloring pages. Do not forget to print it, and color with the best color you like.

elephant coloring pages
animal sea coloring pages
butterfly coloring pages
african animal coloring sheet

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Dinosaur Coloring Pages Collections

Before we download these dinosaur coloring pages, its better for us to know a little bit history about dino:

As we know, the dinosaurs first appeared 228 million years ago, and they survive with a very long time until about 65 million years ago (By contrast, humans appear about three million years ago).

Interest in the dinosaur era began in the 1820s, when a priest, a William Buckland and Gideon Mantell physicists independently discovered some strange bones and huge mining southern England. In 1842, a British anatomist, Richard Owen proposed that the giant animals are extinct dinosaur should be given the name, from Greek words meaning "terrifying lizard".

OK! That's just a little news about dino. Now, its time to save these dinosaur coloring page, than you can print it or color it!

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Spongebob and Friends Coloring Pages

Spongebob and friend coloring pages this time is a very beautiful picture of friendship. Friendship is a form of love between friends that we can not take for granted. For friendship, I take Spongebob as an example . Spongebob never tell his friends. He loves to make friends with anyone. See all friends here, a lot.

Let's see all the Spongebob friends here. Do not forget to download and save it. Or you can also print out this coloring sheet and color it with as you please.


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